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Overheard in Toronto

because this place can be weird

Overheard In Toronto
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Overhear something bizarre on our fair city streets? Eavesdrop on a really messed-up conversation on the TTC? Toronto is a city of myriad weird occurrences. Post your observations here!

This was inspired by Overheard In New York. We don't take credit for the idea. If you like Overheard in Toronto, please check out OINY, or syndicate it on your lj: overheardnyc!


1. Post conversations in a dialogue format.

BOB: So, that chick is fat.
STEVE: Yes. Yes, she is.
(...but, please, let them be funnier conversations that that)

2. State the location you heard it at- such as, Lone Star on Front St.

3. Have fun, be funny, and try to behave!

Moderated by amadruadaboleyn.